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Civil Works


The Civil work standards adopted by Global Access Networks are universal in size, depth and dimensions for various items, features and surfaces. Special surfaces and or soils have designs that suit the sustainable durability of the cable protection.

Trenching, compacting and backfilling are very critical in the project implementation. The most important aspect required which will depend on the quality of works is the choice of route design at each and every section depending on type of soil, route design and the topology of the place at each and every section. In the event of poor choice of route and or improper backfilling and compacting, the cable could be dangerously exposed with time due to soil erosion and sinking of the soil.

Micro tunneling
In crossings, we say it is advisable to deploy the trenchless method of breaking through the ground so as not to interfere with the surfaces that exist i.e. the roads, rails, pipelines and entrances of busy premises.
It is recommended to have an allowance of 1m from each side of the road while preparing for the micro-tunneling machine. Care also should be made and ensure that the flat level has been achieved to avoid it breaking the road and or having uneven depths on the other end point.

The manhole installation standards vary according to the need of deployment and the areas in question. We have experts in construction of durable manholes and hand hole placements.

Bridge Crossing.
Bridge crossings are another feature that needs to be designed and implemented depending on the complexity of the bridge. In most cases, we deploy steel pipes alongside the bridge and with the approval from the relevant ministries.
We screen and place on site the highest caliber personnel to manage civil construction projects.  We have personnel to these roles, and more:

Civil Engineer, Health & Safety Adviser, Principal Contractor’s Representative on Site, Project Engineer,
Quality Assessor, Quantity Surveyor, Resident Civil Engineer, Site Manager, Way Leaves Officer

With many years of experience in the Civil Construction Industry, we know what our Clients are looking for. From basic construction Projects to complex construction, we will introduce reliable professionals with the right qualifications and experience for the project.