Global Access
Networks Limited
"Integrity, Innovation , Quality"

Who We Are

The world of communications is going through a period of disruptive change, the pace and scale of which may never have been seen before. Global Access Networks Limited has a strategy in place which embraces change and we are committed to delivering value to our customers and shareholders through the transformation of our company.

Global Access Networks was founded in 2000 as a partnership and registered into Limited liability company in 2006 in the telecommunication and construction sector and is currently located in Nairobi, at Electricity House situated in the CBD Nairobi. Global Access Networks original base has been Civil and Structural Engineering Projects.
It has experience in construction of roads, buildings, telecommunication towers, Bridges, sewer lines, treatment works, earthworks and heavy lift jobs, reservoirs, water systems and environmentally friendly wetlands of effluent treatment systems.

Global Access Networks has an in-house facility for the fabrication of all types of concrete moulds and general structural steels works. Besides, our projects are managed by experienced project managers, qualified engineers and competent supervisors. We employ skilled tradesmen who are dedicated to maintaining good quality with high standards of workmanship.
Global Access Networks has been selected in the past by international contractors to carry out projects for them to their standards. We have been, since inception, executed our projects to higher standards in comparison with general local standards in Kenya.


The Company commenced its operation in 2000 and was incorporated into a limited liability company in the year 2006 and the shareholding is 100% Kenyan.
We work under strict Professional, legal and government requirements. (Please find in the appendix copies of relevant certificates). We maintain the Memorandum & Articles of Association



  1. Encourage and promote compliance within the regulatory environment of the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK).
  2. Teach our consultants, trainers, and staff to share a common culture comprised of three values: Spirit, Commitment, and Passion for excellence in whatever we set out to do. In a sense, these values inspire the way we serve our customers, who rely on our professionals as true partners in organizational success. We listen to our customers, respond quickly to their needs, anticipate future outlook and earn their confidence every day by providing answers to growth.
  3. Our strategy is to add new service levels to solve a broadening array of customer challenges and doing so around Kenya with confidence. This strategy translates directly into our ability to help government agencies and business units achieve their set objectives. We utilize experienced consultants, technical personnel and trainers dedicated to searching for answers to diverse challenges.