"Integrity, Innovation , Quality"

Purchasing & Supplies

Global Access Networks Ltd is also a Kenya based sourcing and supply chain firm. We develop and deliver quality services in supply, delivery, project management, business process management, and business advisory services. We serve clients in the public and private sectors among others.
Our vision is to be the leading innovator and provider of business process solutions in East Africa. Working as a team, we achieve growth for our stakeholders and accomplish this by delighting and exceeding the expectations of clients.
Our Integrated Project Management Unit (PMU) focuses on effective and efficient project management as per client project financial and procurement guidelines. Through the PMU, we combine procurement and technical management expertise in project management for measurable results in the following thematic areas:


Projects work planning and Purchases planning.
The aim for our clients is to establish and maintain focused work plans and disciplined implementation. This entails a process to: develop the work plan and procurement plan, interact with stakeholders, get commitment to the plans, and maintain the plans, reviewing them as the project progresses to address process and requirements changes.


Integrated Project Management:
We apply integrated approach to projects and procurement. We tailor each project to client organization, financial and procurement guidelines, project implementation documents, and financing. This is echoed in our shared project vision and an integrated team structure that will carry out the objectives of the project. We have in our team experienced project managers, procurement specialists, financial analysts, and a multidisciplinary technical team assembled to handle any client needs, be it for works, goods, services, consultancies or disposals. For specific projects, our team consists of people skilled in the specific functions that need to be performed to achieve the desired outcome.


Project Monitoring, Control, and Evaluation:
We provide visibility and understanding of the projects progress so as to provide remedial measures on deviation of project performance. We compare actual work breakdown structure and task attribute, effort, cost, and schedule to achieve the requisite milestones. We follow the procurement plan methodology to arrive at viable procurement reports for what was planned, the actual and variances thereon. Corrective actions could entail re-planning, revising the original plan, establishing new agreements, including additional mitigation activities in the work plan.

Project Risk Management:
Global Access Networks Ltd considers risk management as a continuous, forward-looking process that is an important part of the client and technical management processes. Our risk strategies for cost, time schedule, and technical risks will assure that potential problems are identified early, and risk handling activities are planned and executed to ensure the project is on course. Our approach here involves a risk cycle: define a risk management strategy; identify and analyze risks; and handle identified risks, and implement risk mitigation plans.

The company understands the competitive environment that is the telecommunications sector in Kenya, and therefore the necessity for operators and suppliers to frequently use the services of more than one contractor or subcontractor.
Toward this end, GLOBAL ACCESS NETWORKS LTD will cooperate with any contractors and subcontractors appointed by the principle.


Global Access offers competitive rates in order to satisfy both customer needs and company objectives, while promoting compliance with international best practices.
Conversely, our prices are realistic and not the unrealistically low prices which only result in recriminations and delays at a future point.